20 Must see sites in Rome

20 Must see sites in Rome

Rome is a fantastic City, one of the most popular city breaks out there for the abundance of great sites to see. Here is the 20 must see sites in Rome:

1. Colosseum:

– Explore the iconic ancient amphitheater, a symbol of Roman engineering and grandeur.

2. Roman Forum:

– Wander through the ruins of the political and social center of ancient Rome.

3. Palatine Hill:

– Visit the historic site where Rome was founded and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

4. Pantheon:

– Admire the well-preserved Roman temple with its famous dome and oculus.

5. Trevi Fountain:

– Toss a coin into this stunning Baroque fountain to ensure your return to Rome.

6. Spanish Steps:

– Climb the famous steps and enjoy a view of the city from Piazza di Spagna.

7. Vatican City:

– Explore St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel.

8. St. Peter’s Square:

– Marvel at the grandeur of the square and the impressive Basilica facade.

9. Castel Sant’Angelo:

– Discover the mausoleum turned fortress, offering great views of the city.

10. Piazza Navona:

– Experience the lively square featuring Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers.

11. Roman Pantheon:

– Visit the well-preserved temple dedicated to all gods of ancient Rome.

12. Trastevere:

– Explore this charming neighbourhood known for its narrow streets and vibrant nightlife.

13. Galleria Borghese:

– Admire the art collection housed in a 17th-century villa, including works by Bernini and Caravaggio.

14. Capitoline Museums:

– Discover ancient sculptures, paintings, and artifacts on Capitoline Hill.

15. Ara Pacis:

– Visit the altar dedicated to Pax, the Roman goddess of peace.

16. Circus Maximus:

– Imagine ancient chariot races in the large ancient stadium.

17. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore:

– Explore one of the four major basilicas and admire its stunning architecture.

18. Baths of Caracalla:

– Marvel at the well-preserved ruins of a large public bath complex.

19. Quirinal Palace:

– See the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic.

20. Palazzo Venezia:

– Visit the palace housing a museum and enjoy views from the terrace.

Remember to check opening hours and any entry requirements for each site to make the most of your time in Rome. Enjoy your exploration of this historical and culturally rich city!

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